Review Suppliers Over the Phone

Procurated is an online community that connects public sector buyers with peer-reviewed suppliers. Reviewing suppliers you have worked with helps buyers understand past performance and make more informed supplier decisions.

We've made reviewing suppliers even easier with Procurated Phone Review Sessions! Schedule a 10-minute call at your convenience where our team will collect your supplier review(s) over the phone, walking you through every step of the way. 


Who is eligible to take part in a Phone Review Session?

Procurated Phone Review Sessions are for existing and new Procurated users to review suppliers they work with. If you are an existing member of Procurated, you will be asked for your username at the beginning of the call so we can add your reviews to your account. If you are new to the site, our team will help you get signed up in addition to collecting your reviews. Before your review(s) are published, your account will be verified as belonging to a public sector employee.

Click here to read the full list of Procurated FAQs. 

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Do I need to prepare for a Phone Review Session?

We've heard from Procurated users that these sessions are most valuable when they can review multiple (3+) suppliers in one quick conversation. With that in mind, it's helpful if you think of a few suppliers you want to review in advance of the call, but not necessary.

Once we are on the phone, our team will walk you through the review, collecting your feedback of each supplier and uploading the review to your account. 

You choose your review visibility preferences

Because Procurated is a private site, your review will only be seen by other Procurated users who have been verified as working in the public sector. If you’d rather not attach your name to your review, you always have the option to publish your review anonymously.  

You choose whether or not the supplier sees your review, too. Choosing to share your review with the supplier enables them address your experience and improve future performance. But we know there are times when you'd prefer the supplier to not see your review, so we will always give you that choice.

Click here to read the full list of Procurated FAQs.