NIGP Webinar: Technology and Peer Reviews are Changing the Way We Choose Suppliers

NIGP: The Institute of Public Procurement is one of the leading communities for public procurement practitioners to elevate their industry knowledge and connect with others in the profession. Introducing forward-thinking procurement strategies and tools is one of the many ways NIGP supports its hardworking members.

On January 20th, 2022  Procurated CEO David Yarkin joined NIGP CEO Rick Grimm to discuss the important topic of supplier performance in public procurement. Throughout this 90-minute webinar, the two discussed the outstanding opportunity to bring buyers together to exchange supplier feedback. And, the leading (free) tool on the market to do just that: Procurated.

If you weren't able to attend live or attended, and want to revisit portions of the session we've got you covered! You can watch the webinar in its entirety on the right side of this page. Below, we've split the webinar into smaller chunks to make it easy for you to find the section you are most interested in.

If you are interested in learning more about how Procurated can help your organization, schedule time with a member of our community engagement team!

Watch the Full Webinar On-Demand

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Recording #1 | Discussion

What are the Main Challenges You See Facing Procurement Practitioners Facing in 2022?

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Recording #2 | Discussion

The Importance of Supplier Performance in
Public Procurement | Poll #1

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Recording #3 | Discussion

What is the status quo for evaluating supplier past performance in the public sector? | Poll #2

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Recording #4 | Resource

4 Qualities of a Strong Supplier Reference

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Recording #5 | Discussion

The Solution: Peer-to-Peer Supplier Reviews on Procurated

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Recording #6 | Demo

Demo of Procurated's Peer-to-Peer Supplier Review Site

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Recording #7 | Q&A

Procurated Q&A Session

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Recording #8 | Discussion

How Governments are Using Procurated

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Recording #9 | Contest

Contest: Win a Pizza Party for Your Agency By Reviewing Suppliers on Procurated

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