New Supplier Evaluation Tool for NASPO Members: Procurated

Procurated is a peer-to-peer supplier review site for the public sector, home to over 50,000 supplier ratings and reviews submitted by more than 10,000 verified government and education buyers nationwide. 

Review NASPO Suppliers

Your reviews and the reviews of your peers allow the NASPO team to better monitor the performance of vendors across our portfolios. Equipped with a deeper understanding of vendor performance, NASPO is able to identify challenges, ensure optimal service, and address any issues early - improving the experience of every NASPO user.

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Empowering NASPO Members to Select the Best Suppliers

Purchasers from NASPO member states and agencies will have access to Procurated's nationwide database of verified supplier performance data, which includes more than 50,000 supplier ratings and reviews submitted by 10,000+ government and education buyers. Procurated is as easy and intuitive to use as Yelp, TripAdvisor, or any other peer review site you use as a consumer. The site gives us the ability to streamline and centralize supplier performance information on NASPO contract suppliers all in one place. It will also help us to learn from the supplier experiences of the broader procurement community.

This page is a resource for our community to learn more about Procurated. But, the best way to learn is to start using the site! You can set up your free account using your agency email address.


Procurated Key Features & Use Cases

Supplier Search Directory

Search by product/service or for a specific supplier.


Strategic Sourcing

Filter by business designation, product/service, and rating.

Business Designation Features

Supplier Evaluation

Supplier pages have contract vehicles, contact info, and verified reviews at your fingertips. 

Supplier Profile

Add Supplier Feedback

Use our review form to record supplier performance and help other buyers make informed decisions.

Review form

5-Minute Tutorial of How to Use Procurated

NASPO-Procurated FAQs:

1. Why is NASPO collecting feedback on suppliers?

Collecting supplier ratings and reviews provides actionable data about NASPO contract suppliers performance. This will help us to make sure that suppliers are performing up to the standards of the NASPO community, long after the contract has been established.

2. Who else is on Procurated?

Procurated is available to verified public sector professionals around the nation. In addition to the feedback shared by your county colleagues, you will also be able to read the 50,000+ supplier ratings and reviews submitted by buyers in neighboring states and around the nation. The reviews you submit will give insight to that many more buyers, too.

3. Will the supplier see my review?

When you visit the Procurated review form, you will see privacy settings at the bottom of the form. If you check the "Share with supplier," the supplier will be able to see your review. If you leave this box unchecked, the supplier will not see your review. Suppliers depend on your feedback to improve on their performance, so purchasers are encouraged to check this box.

4. Will my colleagues see my review?

Yes. NASPO member purchasers, as well as other public sector professionals who use Procurated, can see your review when they are logged into the site. There is an option on the review form to remain anonymous if you'd prefer to not associate your name with your feedback.

5. Am I qualified to review [insert supplier name]?

If you have used one of the supplier’s products or services – or are responsible for ordering, invoicing, or managing the contract – you are qualified to provide a review. Please review to the extent of your experience.

6. What should I include in my review?

The most effective reviews are detailed and specific. To the extent of your experience, try to include:

- The product(s) or service(s) you have used

- Strengths (what the supplier did well)

- Weaknesses (where the supplier can improve)

- Final impressions and recommendations to other buyers

How to Share Feedback About a Supplier

During this first phase of the launch, NASPO member purchasers are asked to submit reviews of suppliers on NASPO contracts that they do business with. The more reviews a purchaser can submit, the more data that will be available for all purchasers researching supplier past performance.  

Reviewing a supplier takes just 2 minutes and can be done in whichever way is most convenient for you:

  1. Review online. When logged in, visit the supplier's Procurated page and click 'Write a Review.' Or, head straight to the review page and type in the supplier name. 
  2. Review by Phone. Schedule a phone review session, where we will collect your review by phone and add it to your account. You may also receive a call directly from Procurated.
  3. We'll suggest suppliers for you to review, too. To maximize the number of reviews we can collect across the NASPO community, you may receive a phone call and/or email suggesting specific suppliers for you to review.